Mixed metal flower earrings in copper, bronze and Sterling silver


Product Code: 31955f

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Entirely hand crafted mixed metal earrings featuring a softly shaped triangular drop with an appliqued flower.  The leaf and stalk of the flower are part of the base metal and the contrasting bright copper flower has been cold riveted in place with a feature balled Sterling silver rivet, forming the centre of the flower and giving further dimension to the design.

The earrings have been made by me in a white bronze metal clay called Antarctic Moonlight, which comes out, for me, in this lovely delicate Champagne colour.  I have paired the earrings with polished Sterling silver feature earwires to co-ordinate with the Silver rivet at the centre of the flower and to contrast with the warmth of the delicate copper flower.

The earrings hang 46mm (1.8") overall from the top of the earwires and are 12mm (½") at their widest.  The earwires feature hammered scrolls and deep teardrop hanging loops to allow the earring pieces to swing freely.  Please note that this design of earwire uses slightly heavier wire than I usually use, if you have sensitive piercings.

What is metal clay?

Metal clay (now available in base metals like copper, bronze, iron, steel and brass and precious metals like silver and even gold) is a clay like medium made from tiny particles of metal, combined with an organic binder and made into a pliable clay or paste with water. After working with the clay-like medium to form the article, it is thoroughly dried to remove all of the water, the shape is further refined and then fired at very high temperature in a kiln to both burn off the binders and to cause the metal particles to fuse together as solid metal - this firing takes a full day to complete - at which time I tend to work with crossed fingers, hoping that the kiln gods are smiling on me that day and it fires successfully.   Not everything does.

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