Lightweight contoured ivy leaf and bronze earrings


Product Code: 33149f

Stock Level: 1

Realistic and contoured ivy leaf earrings with polished bronze scrolled and hammered earwires.  Each earring features a hand crafted realistic looking individually contoured ivy leaf made by me in air dried clay and finished with a coloured metallic wax which has a green and gold finish, brought to a shine by buffing.

The leaves are made from air dried clay which is very light indeed, so ideal earrings for those, like me, who are unable to wear heavy earrings.  The clay is robust and should withstand normal wear well and the wax treatment will render them splash proof, but they should not be worn for showering or swimming, they won't withstand immersion in water. 

The earrings hang 36mm (1.4") overall from the scrolled polished bronze earwires and they hang around 22mm (0.9") wide in wear.

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