Crystal bicone and Tibetan silver necklace set

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These substantially sized Czech made fire polished crystal bicones give this necklace a real sense of glamour.  Each bicone bead is dressed with a pair of Tibetan silver decorative bead caps and silver plated Japanese Toho seed beads.  The bead links are joined with secure wrapped loops and the front beaded section joined to an open and large link curb chain.

Fire polished is the name given to crystal glass shapes that are cut and then to soften the sharp edges of the cuts, the beads are put back into the flames to just soften and melt the surface of the crystal; fire polished.

The necklace has 7 crystal links at the front and fastens with a bolt ring clasp, which can be fastened anywhere in the chain to fit to your desired length.  The opposite end of the chain is then finished with a small matching crystal dangle. 

The necklace comes with a pair of matching earrings, hanging from hand formed earwires, made long for balance, they hang 38mm (1½") overall, from the top of the earwires.   The necklace is adjustable to a maximum length of 490mm (19").  Each bicone crystal is approximately 13mm (½") in diameter by 18mm (¾") long.

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