Polymer clay pendant inlaid with tiny gold balls

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This was a new experiment for me with polymer clay and I really like how it worked out. I, like all artisans, accumulate lovely things on my travels, because one day you will find the perfect use for it. The gold beads in this pendant were one such find.

I mixed them into clear liquid polymer clay and cured it - this left me with a lovely smooth sheet of clear clay with lots of gold balls embedded - and they're tiny - trust me, they get down your fingernails and into everything, no matter how carefully you work.

I cut a shape from the sheet and inlaid it into some metallic coppery coloured clay. Once cured it has been polished to a high degree of shine through many grits of wet and dry paper and then buffing. It has been varnished with clear acrylic to maintain the gloss. There is some untidiness in the bottom corner of the inlay, so this is reflected in the price.

I have made a custom wrapped loop bail in heavy copper wire, which I've antiqued by oxidising and then polishing back bright, to enhance the details. There is a large hollow copper ball in the middle of the bail.

The pendant hangs from a length of fine weight antiqued copper ball chain which fastens with a discreet ball chain link. At present, the chain on the pendant is 440mm (17¼") but I can provide a different length on request. Due to the fine weight of the fastening, if dexterity is an issue for you, a longer chain to go straight over your head may suit better, or I can change it for a more traditional chain with a hook and loop fastening for a modest upgrade fee, please ask.

The pendant is 64mm (2½") x 38mm (1½") and drops 84mm (3.3") overall from the chain. It has a generously sized bail, with an internal diameter over 6mm (¼") in diameter, if you want to transfer it to a different chain or cord.

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