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Doing some gardening and clearing leaves last autumn, I loved the colours and textures - they're so pretty at that time of year, that it's a shame that they deteriorate into a nuisance so quickly.

I wanted to encapsulate some more permanently, so I mixed some gold and copper metallic polymer clay, rolled it into thin sheets and took imprints of some of the leaves.

I've shaped the leaves and made various different antiqued copper bails. The leaves have been varnished on the front with gloss acrylic varnish after texturing of the veins and a light metallic sheen. The edges have been extensively sanded smooth for your comfort. Each leaf has a small round strengthening patch of double clay on the back, around where it hangs.

Choose your own from the 3 indicated:

There are now 3 remaining leaves to choose from - see the additional photos with identifying numbers on - you are buying one leaf pendant only - you choose which one you'd like from those shown - please let me know your preference, there is a comment box to add this information to during the checkout process - along with the length of chain you require, see below.

See the additional imagesfor photos with identifying numbers on, with sizes as follows:

Leaf 1 - overall height 53mm (2") x 23mm (0.9").  NOW SOLD.
Leaf 2 - overall height 57mm (2¼") x 28mm (1.1").
Leaf 3 - overall height 57mm (2¼") x 29mm (1.15").
Leaf 4 - overall height 53mm (2") x 23mm (0.9").  NOW SOLD.
Leaf 5 - overall height 57mm (2¼") x 30mm (1.15").
Leaf 6 - overall height 49mm (1.9") x 24mm (0.95").  NOW SOLD.

Chain, length made to order:

The pendant comes with an antiqued copper chain which closes with my own hand crafted hook and loop clasp.  The chain will be made for you to order when you advise me of the finished length that you'd like it, up to 760mm (30") don't forget to tell me what finished length that you'd like.


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