Sterling silver earrings with oxidised and textured oval loops


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Product Code: 20674f

Sterling silver earrings of hammered and oxidised oval loops, lightly polished to give the facets bright high spots for texture, giving rise to a rustic appearance.

Each earring features a hand crafted hammered ring - formed and soldered, shaped to an oval and then hammered for shape and texture. The edges have been hand polished smooth to take any sharp edges off. They are currently a gunmetal oxidised and partially polished colour, but could be further polished if you want them a little brighter.

Each hammered oval hangs from a hand crafted Sterling straight drop earwire, lightly hammered, tumbled for shine and the ends filed for your comfort. The hanging eye in the earwire has been made especially large to allow the rings to move and hang freely.

The earrings hang approximately 41mm (1.6") overall from the top of the earwire and each oval is 14mm (>½") wide.

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