Bronze and purple Tiger Eye curved earwire earrings


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Product Code: 22933f

Solid warm gold coloured bronze earrings featuring long curved earwires with a gorgeous glossy purple dyed Tiger Eye bead.

The central feature of these earrings are the curved earwires with little hammered scrolls at the front and dangled with a single richly coloured purple tiger eye bead. The bead is wrapped on a bronze balled headpin. The tiger eye is actually dyed and stabilised in a hot pink colour, giving rise to the lovely deep intense purple that goes so well with the warm gold of polished bronze.

The earrings drop 55mm (2.2") overall from the top of the earwire and the bead is 10mm (0.4") in diameter. Please note that due to the design of these earwires, they are in a heavier gauge of wire than my other earwires, so perhaps not suitable for those with fine piercings. The colour of the bronze has been left raw and natural and polished to a shiny warm gold colour, but it will gradually darken over time.

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