Cardboard earring display stands for craft fairs - pack of 12


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Product Code: Earring stands

A pack of 12 pre-cut and scored freestanding earring display stands for craft fairs and art shows. 

The cards are of a design that I originally made for my own craft fair displays and used to hand cut and score from a template. I've recently adapted them to cut out using my Silhouette cutter.  It also gave me the opportunity to modify the design a little, such as incorporating a little crescent shaped tab to take a paper price ticket, which makes it easier to change products on the display easily.

The pack features 12 pre-cut and scored cards that you will need to assemble yourself ~ but they're incredibly easy to do; they just need folding along the perforated lines and two tabs need gluing.  An assembly instruction sheet is included, but I doubt you really need it, they're pretty self-explanatory.

The earring displays are freestanding and independent, allowing you to place them wherever you want within your display.  They have a slightly wider base and the front face leans gently backwards to make them more stable.  They are pre-punched with two small holes to hang your earrings (see below for details of an alternative version).   Whilst I have found them to be stable when used in indoor displays, they can be either tabbed to your surface with a little blutak under the base or with a small weight discreetly within the back recess on the base - I use curtain weights on the base when using them in busy locations or where there is wind movement.

The holes are 70mm (2¾") up from the base, allowing for earrings up to this length.  Each stand is 77mm (3") overall in height and 57mm (2¼")  wide at the base and the base is 28mm (1.1") in depth. 

Colour choice:

I can offer either 12 ivory cards, or a mixed pack of colours - 2 cards each in 6 random colours.  The ivory cards I'm currently offering feature a lovely linen textured finish. With the ivory cards, all of the display cards in the pack will be from the same card. The mixed colour packs will be sent with random colours, depending on the card stock I have available.  Some examples are shown in the additional photographs.

Alternative hole design for lever backs:

I also have an alternative template featuring a cut tab around the earring hole to allow you to display closed back earrings such as lever backs.   This style is only cut on request, so please allow me the time to do this for you, after leaving a comment in the comment box during checkout.  If you'd like a portion of your stands to feature this hole arrangement that can be done too.  You can see the alternative tab arrangement in the additional photographs.

The stands are sent out flat (as you can see in the additional photographs) and this price includes second class postage to keep the price down.

Please don't forget to specify if you'd prefer a pack of ivory earring stands or a mixed pack of random colours in the comment box during checkout.


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