Copper raindrops adjustable necklace - drips of molten copper


Product Code: 16985f

Stock Level: 1

An antiqued copper raindrops necklace featuring a centre section of drips of molten copper.

I was watching (and trying to avoid) drips of rain from the roof of the house whilst outside oxidising some copper with melted ends - and thought they looked like the drips. I had the idea to combine many melted copper ends to form a whole collection of drips in what I hope is a rather unusual necklace.

Over 40 melted drops of antiqued copper dangle at assorted lengths from a length of wire attached to antiqued copper chain.

The delicate copper drips have been tumble polished for shine and strength. The longest drip dangles approximately 42mm (1.65") from the centre and the centre section of drips is approximately 46mm (1.8") wide overall.

The chain necklace is made adjustable from approximately 419mm (16½") to 470mm (18½") through a section of larger links at the end, finished with a decorative dangle of smaller copper raindrops and fastens with a hand crafted hook. If you would like a different length, the chain can be adjusted for you on request. 

Please note I have recently upgraded this design in terms of size and the quality of materials used.  The chain has been upgraded to a heavier soldered link copper cable chain and the raindrops are heavier and longer than earlier incarnations.  The sizes above relate to the new design and necklace currently available from stock. 

This will be the last necklace I will make in this design and will look at a new simplified version in future.


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