30 Apr 2010

This week I have mostly been photographing copper

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~ Ansel Adams

Further to my previous blog about all my recent work in copper, which included some work in progress photos, I’m going to cheat a little and just add a brief post here to update my previous comments and show some photographs of those pieces completed.

I showed this bracelet in its raw copper, post-tumbled state in the earlier blog. It has now been deeply oxidised and further tumbled to give it a lustrous glossy warm gunmetal finish, just with hints of copper showing through on proud surfaces.

I’ve now managed to clear some of my backlog and have got some of those finished pieces photographed and listed for sale, but I still have many to do – and all the design ideas buzzing around my head refuse to budge until they’re made too. My mind works overtime with shapes and techniques desperate to take form in metal and I can’t wait to get to my tools sometimes and let the ideas break free and see where it takes me.

A single piece teardrop shaped copper pendant, wire wrapped to hold a deep red dyed coral bead in position. I showed a raw copper version of another pendant of this design and they have both now been antiqued to highlight the texture of the wrapping and coiled bail.

I am aiming to treat myself to a whole day of just making things on Tuesday, as I will have a whole day to myself for the first time in a while – so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing crops up over the weekend to change those plans. I will prepare my work area ready the evening before, wash the breakfast pots on Tuesday morning and then allow myself a whole day of just tinkering. I shall plug in my MP3 player, top up the coffee pot and indulge my creative desires. Bliss.

Antiqued copper and rhyolite (sometimes called Rainforest Jasper because of the earthy tones) earrings made before Easter and finally photographed.

One pair in a series of hammered oval earrings with a variety of finishes and metals. I took photographs of these whilst away over Easter, when stuck inside during a heavy downpour and found the forgotten photos with great glee this afternoon.

And sometimes, you see the item in a photograph and realise that it just doesn’t work as well as you hoped. I was really happy with this swirled copper ring wrapped with silver – it actually looks really nice in person, but in the photographs, the antiquing looks scruffy and rough and the wrapping looks loose and undisciplined. So I shall have to give it some more attention if it’s to look decent in the ‘larger-than-life’ photographs. It’s one of the inherent perils of showing small items of jewellery like this, they end up being shown somewhat larger than they are in reality and it really highlights any shortcomings in your workmanship.

5 thoughts on “This week I have mostly been photographing copper

  1. Beautiful – you’ve started me off on my ‘shall I get my ears pierced’ debate again… I really love the design of the ring too although it took me a moment to work out which way I was looking at it 😉

  2. ooo Boo Tuesday does sound like bliss…keeping my fingers and toes crossed it all works out as planned ;o)

    Not really a copper person but am LOVING these creations! More please…..


    hello gorgeous xxx

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